The new deck was built in this space
The new Deck
Museum Shell
Museum Empty
Blank wall in the Museum
Both walls painted with Murals
Catherine Boreham Fine Artist and her Mural
Catherine at work
Curator Lawrie B
Museum displays
Old Garden
New Landscaping
The Original Kitchen with the Brick Bar B Q
The New Iwasaki modified and upgraded Kitchen
The cupboards are white and S/S tops
Laundry with water tank
Laundry (no water tank) and Ladies
Proposed garden beside Bruce Acutt Center
Looking much better and green
Original Dwelling was destroyed during
Cyclone Marcia
In its place a Male & Female Abultion Block
Old gravel Front Entrance
New concrete Front Entrance
5 room Donga was picked up, turned around and
put on the foundations
The 5 room Donga now with shade
Original Memorial getting a makeover
Two sandstone walls have added much needed wall space for plaques
The brick pavers were great before people
got older
The first concrete pour in the meeting eating area
Steps in the making
Steps up to the Kitchen / Bar