Water - Cockscomb water supply is now backed up by bore water and catchment from local rain. Although there are a number of 15,000 litre tanks, water is a precious commodity and we ask users to ensure all taps are turned off after use.



  Uc Dai Loi House - 4 beds, mosquito screened (not proof), veranda front & back, 240Volt AC power and lights, one car shelter


  Back of Donga Accommodation and inside each or the 5 rooms with lights and Double 240AC power points

  Andawakey House - 4 beds, one car shelter, front verandah, 240Volt AC power and lighting



  Cooking - The kitchen is available 24 hours a day with a Gas stove
The kitchen is covered, has a prep table, sink, hot water 240Volt AC power points and lights
The second BBQ area is generally only used for large functions




Laundry - Very limited laundry facilities, you should talk to the caretakers




Showers & Toilets- are provided for both Male and Female


  Pergola and Bar - two drink refrigerators on 240V AC and the entertainment area of Cockscomb with slab seating and next to the Kitchen



  Parking - Generally the rule for parking is always leave it free for someone else to get out. Although Cockscomb is not a caravan park, vistors with vans are well looked after



  Access - Via Camms Road Cawarral, a 24 hour 2 wheel drive unsealed road



  Rubbish - All paper, cardboard and acceptable material to burn should be placed in the incinerator
Plastic plates, plastic wrappers, any glass, plastic utensils and food scraps should be placed in bins provided.
Aluminium cans and bottles should be placed in the bag outside of the bar



  Ecosystem around Cockscomb 
  Map Find your way to Cockscomb
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