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Allan (OZ) Young & Owen Gregory Young Vietnam Veterans


Allan (Ozzie) Young


Delroy Doyle (Del) 15/12/2008

Coming from a family steeped in military history and after the loss of my Brother Allan (OZ) Young, Vietnam Veteran, My Husband and I visited the Yeppoon War Museum. What an interesting place to visit, worthy of more time to spend there and take in as much information as possible. I asked there for directions to this place called Cockscomb, and off we went.

It certainly was a great experience, as we left the tarred road and onto the dirt road, full of wonder, taking in the drive, then my feeling of peace when we arrived, and I stepped from the car, the view, breathtaking it was, stately ironbark trees, and the energy that radiates from the majestic Mount Wheeler as the backdrop.

The Caretaker there gave us a detailed tour with a wealth of information, much appreciated.

I paused to think with a 'minds eye' of these servicemen and wondered of their families, we paid our respects to all who have their name engraved there. As I stood there I thought of a refrain from a song of the group The Hollies, "He ain't heavy He's my brother"

This parcel of land called Cockscomb and the reason it stands, deserves the full support of us all, and sometimes in life for those who need to get away, this is a peaceful place to go to.

My missing Brother, Vietnam Veteran, Owen from the Northern Territory, found after over 33 years, with my Sister Lynette from the Kingdom of Bahrain, my Husband and I with family and friends will be at Cockscomb 18/08/2009.

Worthy of visiting.



L to R - Allan Roy Young, Vietnam Veteran
Joseph Austin Young WW2 Veteran
Derek John Doyle Active Duty East Timor x2
This photo was supplied by Del Doyle
Dell is a brother to Allan, Joseph is Dels Uncle and Derek is Dels son


Photo yet to be found

Allan Roy Young (Ozzie) 43556 (NZ) was born in Mt Morgan, on 3 Oct 1948 went to school there and lived and worked in Australia until he went to New Zealand for a working holiday.

But Ozzies fate was that his number came up in the Australian Draft and he was told to return to Australia to do his National Service. Ozzie negotiated with the Government and joined the New Zealand Army and was a member of V4/6RAR. Ozzie toured Terendak Camp Malaya 1969 and went on to Vietnam. A gentleman by the name of Jock Tate of Mt Morgan and Allans father signed Allans papers for his service in Vietnam
Allan Young died on the 3rd August 2007

Allan has family in Queensland and had been married but was divorced. He left behind 2 Daughters & 1 Son plus a total of 6 grandkids.

His brother Owen Gregory Young 2795572 was also drafted and served with 1 FD Sqn in 1971. Owen was missing for 33 years after the war and only recently surfaced just before his brothers death.